Asymmetric Necklace


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Asymmetrical necklace of white porcelain & wooden beads on a 4mm thick leather cord.

The porcelain is high fired to 1260 degrees for strength and durability. It’s been polished for a smooth tactile finish.

Only 3 different versions of this design currently available.

The necklace length is adjustable with a simple knot to suit your personal style/wardrobe.

Caring for your necklace:
Unstring the necklace and clean the porcelain beads with soap (or toothpaste!) & hot water.
The wooden beads just need wiping with a damp cloth /dry and rub a little bit of coconut oil into the surface to treat the wood.
Dry all components before your restring them on the leather cord.

Image of Pair of geometric stud earrings
Pair of geometric stud earrings
Image of Multi Colour Necklace
Multi Colour Necklace
Image of Ring Necklace
Ring Necklace
Image of White Ring Necklace
White Ring Necklace
Image of Rainbow Necklace
Rainbow Necklace
Image of Trio of geometric stud earrings
Trio of geometric stud earrings
Image of Necklace
Image of Teal Necklace
Teal Necklace
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