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HELLO and welcome  , I am happy you are here! 

My name is Hanne Rysgaard , I am a ceramic designer-maker and I have been working in Bristol since 2001.

I create unique collections of colourful and FUNctional porcelain ceramics and jewellery.

My work is infused with love & colour & joy all unified by a strong foundation in good craftsmanship , functionality and attention to detail.

I have been the maker of the original slipcast porcelain milk carton jug since 2006 and I recently returned to my ceramic practice after 5 years as a full time mum.

All my work is made using the finest British porcelain from Stoke-on-Trent. I use a variety of different ceramic making processes ; slipcasting , throwing and handbuilding and I decorate my work with brightly coloured glazes and/or transfer patterns adding extra joy and energy to the pieces.

My joyful porcelain range includes milk carton jugs ,butter dishes , plates , travel cups, mugs , tiny houses , plant pots , necklaces , earrings , Christmas decorations and more...

For commissions , collaborations or enquiries please send me a message using the CONTACT form at the top :)